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Job Interview Questionnaire

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Hello! for the second part of the job intreview assignment we had to create a hypothetical questionnaire based on the job I looked up in one of the previous posts, my resume and cover letter.

1.What is your main purpose as a graphic designer?
I would say my main purpose nowadays is to work in a company where I can offer all of the experience and skills that I've larned from my graphic design studies.

2.What would you bring to this company?
I would provide new and fresh ideas to every project in the making.

3.What's your current experience?
I'm close to finishing my bachelor degree as a graphic designer in URBE university, so my experience is purely academic.

4.In which branches of graphic design do you stand out the most?
I stand out the most in editorial design, illustration and web design.

5.What are your greatest skills?
One of my greatest skill is the abbility to comunicate when working as a team, I try to solve the problem in the most organized way possible so we can get stuff done.

6.What is your greates weakness?
When working under pressure I get extremely stressed, but in a rather strange way this helps me creating quality products.

7.Why do you think you are the right person for the job?
I have knowledge of the tendencies and styles used in graphic design nowadays, I think that combined with my work ethic would make a great situation for solving the companies problems in a creative and innovative way.

8.What are your motivations?
What keeps me motivated is the lack of really innovative work out there, people are starting to rely on the same concepts over and over, I think it is important to always generate fresh and new concepts.

9.What's your point of view about work ethic?
I think it is extremely important as a graphic designer nowadays to not only benefit from our projects but to benefit the world, we need to express values in our concepts and collaborate with our little grain of sand to help change the world.

10.How do you feel about team work?
I think it is indispensable, I can help you develop your communicational skills.

A visit to UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!

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Hi!.. I talked about second life in older posts..well, for this task i had to visit a place in UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!

For what i understood, it's a competition on second life created by The University of Western Australia!

I wrote the name of the challenge and i found a lot of places!...

I was curious about the first place (Mysterious Wave) and i enter... this is what i saw:

At first i was a little freaked out because i thought that there were a few avatars too, but no! There were sculptures... i was fooled.. After touring a lot i started to like the place and the pieces of art.. 
I must say that the place is inspired by circus, fantasy and dreams.

After a looong time i finally found a real avatar!.. I tried to talk with her and i asked her about her favorite piece but she told me that she didn't have one.. i tried to talk with her later but she was unavailable.. 

I really liked a lot of the sculptures, but this is one of my favorites:

I really liked the structure, and the metal effect gave to it..! 

I'm still learning how to use Second Life, for that reason i couldn't find a way to contact the owner about the sculpture :(  But i tried!

At the end, i must say that i'm very surprised about the infinity of things that you can create on this site..
And how people show their abilities and imagination through it..
It's like a different way to show your portfolio!

*If you are interested you can visit this and more good places!.. 

See you!

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Job Interview!

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For this assignment I had to watch this video:
And this is what I learned about job interviews

Job interviews are not always alike, every applicant must be 100% prepared for any kind of situation that might arise during the job interview. Sometimes the interview is based in a couple of minutes of small talk, meet and greet conversations and then getting into the point of the interview, which are some questions about your background, education, and benefits for the company. That's a typical job interview, but as I already told you, it's not always like that. In other kind of job interview, you might be interviewed by a group of people instead of one person, sometimes they asked you more about your abilities to handle a particular situation, rather than your background and your experience. For that reason is better to be prepared for any type of scenarios.

Another very important thing is to be dressed professionally. Okay, it depends of the interview, but always be presentable and clean in a job interview. (It's important to be aware to not over dressed, keep it simple but sophisticated).

It's important to look fine physically to make a great first impression, but you must be aware of your personality too. Be likable, make eye contact, smile and give a nice firm handshake to your interviewer.
It might be that the 80% of your job oportunity depends on your personality.

If your interview is placed in a restaurant or a cafe it's more tricky, because the interviewer is not only going to evaluate your backgrounds, but also your eating manners and your reactions... For that reason it's important that you keep your dining etiquette, stay focused on your interviewer and speak at an audible level.

If you have a situation that a few people are interviewing you, first of all, be PATIENT and RESPECTFUL. Make sure that you adapt your answers to those interviewers. (For example, if you are interviewed by a male and a female, remember that males tend to communicate much more directly and concisely, whereas females tend to communicate in stories and they like to discuss more feelings-oriented subjects).

If unfortunately, your interview is going poorly and your interviewer is not pleased, take a few steps back, ask her/him about what can you do to upbeat the interview, and let them to take the lead while you regroup and gather your thoughts with a new sense of energy and attitude. 

If the job interview is by telephone, it might get a little tricky, because you can't see facial expressions or body language, for that reason make sure that you use a lot of inflection in your voice, because that's the only first impression that you would give. 

Lie detector tests, questions related to your ethnicity, family status, childbearing status, gender, and any other thing related to your culture, are not acceptable. You don't have to bear with this kind of situations no matter how great the job is.

So at the end, if your interviewer don't call you back, don't be shy about calling them you! Be proactive about your career search, don't wait, they might be busy or out of the town. Try to keep your name in their minds by writing a -thank you- note to anyone who asissted you... 

Even if you achieve all this steps and you still have no response from the interviewer, don't give up! There will be other opportunities! and remember...practice makes perfect :)

Good Luck!-


Chinita's Fair + Second life!

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Hello everyone! For this assignment I had to design with my teamwork a campaign for the chinita's fair!
At the end of the project we have to exhibit the products on Urbe EFL Center in Second life.

This is a very important event in Maracaibo, it's on november 18th but most people celebrate all week!

Let me show you our work :)

This is the logo of our campaign. It's the 46th anniversary of this event!
As you can see, it has been added to the logo a slogan (the most significant event of the year!), which in fact I personally designed. This led us to the general concept of our campaign. 

(A slogan is a very important part of the logo, because it gives more support to it. In this case, the concept of the slogan was about cheering the people)

 Once we had the logo and the concept, it was designed the poster of the campaign.

And the last thing we designed was P.O.P Material (Point Of Purchase materials) 

Pins, t-shirts, keychains and napkins to support chinita's fair campaign!

So, let me show you our job in a shorten way through a mindmap:

Then, i wrote an information/report note about our stand and our group and i uploaded on SL:
This way, visitors can see the information about the project and the owners of it!

Let me show you our campaign in Second Life!

This is our stand and my avatar in SL,  as you can see, I uploaded our Poster, P.O.P material, the logo of the campaign and the information note about it!

Creating this campaign about one of our culture events, and promoting it virtually was an interesting experience!.. It's a safe, easy and nice way to show our job and effort to the world!

And it was kinda fun to create crazy avatars! 

This was a screencapture taken at Secondlife...those avatars are my classmates and my teacher! (how cool is that?)

(Pd: If you are interested in this game/chat go to

Have a nice day!:D

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

My cover letter

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Hello again! 
As you saw in my last post, I published two jobs I was interested in.
I finally chose one and I wrote my cover letter and my resumé to apply that job.

You can see both (my cover letter and my resumé) right below.


Cover letter

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Check out this designer!

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This is Manuel Rebollo,
He is a graphic designer and illustrator from Salamanca, Spain.  
He stud­ied Graphic Design at Sala­manca Art School and cur­rently works free­lance in the field of design and illus­tra­tion.


His works are based in the woman figure, fashion and beauty, his Style is a mix of sketches, typography and textures.
I really like this type of  "Feminine fashion illustration", the mix of drawing, shapes, colors and contrasts ends up being aesthetically attractive and with interesting results.

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Finding a Job Online

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Hello again! Well for this assignment I had to search 2 jobs on the internet related with my career. I found them on and

-Graphic Design Intern
 This job is a part-time (20 hours/week) entry level graphic design role, located in NY, provides graphic design support for all Sugar Foods brands under the Innovative Ingredients Division including: The Better Chip, Fresh Gourmet Salad Toppings, and all new products currently being developed at our Mazatlan, Mexico facility...
It requires to design Design sell sheets, brochures, flyers, web banners, advertisements, presentations, tradeshow displays, coupons, packaging, 3D renderings...
I think i would be good at this job because as an intern it would be a good start to the business world.

This Job here

-Graphic Designer
As a second choice I chose a full-time job on Winston-Salem, The primary purpose of this job position is to support Marketing with design and production of print, electronic and promotional materials, maintaining Cook Medical brand standards. Also, support the Marketing Coordinator with production of IFU labels, printed raw materials, etc...
The reason i chose this job is because it envolves a bigger company and a bigger charge. It would be great if I had a previous experience in other job, because this job its more professional.

The other reason why I chose this job is that they give a Life Insurance and a medical, dental and vision discount.

This Job here
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